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I remembered seeing this years ago but only recently found it online its from an old sketch show by an Irish comedian named Dave Allen, the sketch was aired in the 70`s or 80`s on the BBC

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Autoimmune Disease Risk: 7 food additives


7 Food Additives That Raise Your Autoimmune Disease Risk

But the evidence we should steer clear of pre-made and packaged products continues to mount.

A recent study published in the journal Autoimmune Reviews found that 7 common food additives may increase your risk of autoimmune disease, such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and Hashimoto’s disease.

One of the reasons autoimmune diseases occur is thought to be due to increased intestinal permeability. That is, when the “barrier” that stops allergens and harmful substances from crossing into our blood stream starts to expand and “leak.”

Authors of this latest study wanted to see if there was a correlation between consumption of food additives and incidence of autoimmune diseases. They identified 7 additives used to improve smell, taste, texture and shelf life linked to poorer intestinal permeability:

  • glucose
  • sodium
  • gluten
  • organic…

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Pfizer challenged by doctors without borders


Doctors Without Borders Challenges Pfizer as Millions of Lives Remain at Risk

A legal battle in underway in India as Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) prepares to go head to head with the U.S. based pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Pfizer is currently applying for an Indian patent on a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13), which combats pneumonia.

If this patent were to go through, local pharmaceutical companies in India would be banned from making affordable, generic versions of the drug. MSF seeks to stop Pfizer from gaining exclusive access over production by filing a pre-grant opposition to this patent.

Leena Menghaney, the head of MSF’s Access Campaign says Pfizer’s application goes too far: “Our pre-grant opposition shows that the method Pfizer is trying to patent is too obvious to deserve a patent under Indian law, and is just a way to guarantee a market monopoly for Pfizer for many years to come.”

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Republicans use misogyny to attack Donald Trump’s misogyny


Republicans Unironically Use Misogyny to Attack Trump’s Misogyny

The Republican Party is in what can only be described as a complete and total freak-out over the continued domination of Donald Trump in the presidential primaries. Like the rest of the nation, if not the world, the GOP didn’t take him seriously when he first announced his run.

Now having won the majority of the primaries and leading his closest competitor nearly two to one in delegates, Republicans are scrambling to find a way to stop his ascent to securing the nomination. Their efforts have not only failed thus far, but emphasize why he is winning.

While meetings are happening among party power brokers, anti-Trump super pacs have been funding attack ads in hopes to encourage primary voters to vote for another candidate.


 In the run up to the Utah primaries on…

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Arturo, the polar bear at the Mendoza zoo in Argentina !


Hope we can work together and use our human “intelligence” to find the best solution for him, for Arturo.  And for all the animals that deserve to live free, with respect and well.

Would you like to live in a prison?  or a cage for all your life?

Well, animals do not like zoos, circuses or the black market, neither !!!

Free Arturo, Argentina's only polar bear, from living hell!!!

Arturo, Argentina’s only polar bear, from living hell!!!

  • author: Katherine Weston
  • target: Mendoza Zoo, Argentina
  • signatures: 7,692

Arturo the polar bear lives in the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina where he is going slowly mad. Arturo must be released immediately from the Zoo!

Two years ago, Arturo’s long-time companion, a polar bear named Pelusa, died and he has since had not contact with other bears. In fact, Arturo is displaying many signs of depression and “abnormal behaviour,” baring his teeth while pacing and rocking from side to side.

On top…

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The education revolution and our global future!!

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Never before in human have so many individuals dedicated so much time, energy, and resources to becoming educated. The education revolution is irrepressible: but can we understand its dynamics and rise to the challenge of making it a potential major force for positive global change?